Each phrase is related to a feeling, an emotion
or an attitude that defines us to ourselves , to our loved ones, or to our relationship with them.

We have related all of them to a story that will make you think and discover.

Feel proud of yourself and of the persons who matter to you.

Discover the meaning behind the bracelets

I Love Me

Get a mirror and look into your eyes: What you see inside is special, isn’t it true?

Therefore, never forget it and take care of it.

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Proud of You

For striving, for trying, for fighting or for achieving it.

Perseverance always has its reward: Personal satisfaction and the affection of others.

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At the end of the path we end up being and doing what we have fought for… that is, if we have fought for it.

Feel proud of yourself if you are a fighter and scream out to the sky when you need it.

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Forever in my Heart

Tribute to all those loved ones we miss, but cannot say it to them anymore.

We can only honor their memory and, with melancholy and affection, remember them between our arms.

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My Family First

If you take care of your family, your family will take care of you.

Our family is also all those who love and respect us just as we are.

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Miss You

If you miss someone, it’s because you matter to each other mutually.

Don’t hide it from him/her, do not hide it from yourself.

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I´m Different

We are all different, but not everybody have enough personality to show it to the World.

Don’t stop being yourself, don’t stop questioning… without forgetting to be yourself first.

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I Love my Baby

The only being we already love before even seeing it, before getting to know it.

Yes, I love you and I will always love you.

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I will Fight till the End

If you fight, you never lose: either you win or you learn.

Don’t give up the fight.

I Quit

We all know how difficult it is to get rid of a harmful habit or relationship. The first step is to identify this evil and to understand why it is damaging to us. The second one is to try to quit it, and the third one many times is: To have another try… and this successively until you achieve It… until we liberate ourselves… and until we achieve that the guardians of our vices bury them in our deepest catacombs.

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