My Family First

01- Not all of us are so lucky to have a car to go to work.

02- Even though everything has a Positive side: We can Share Time with our Coworkers and get close to them.

03- Something is worrying Chiren,

04- And the journey seems much longer than usual to him.

05- Having to speak to your boss is not always easy…

06- Particularly when they do not listen to you or do not care about you.

07- Chiren is a model Employee and he needs the next day off to help his Son with a physics exam…but his superior refuses to give him permission, and in a rough manner urges him to keep on working. The decisions/orders of others influence our frame of mind, but the ways in which they are expressed make things even worse.

08- Although a devastated Chiren arrives home when it’s already night…

09- He dedicates a few hours to study next to his Son.

10- Obviously, he spends a sleepless night thinking that he is not going to be able to Help his Son sufficiently.

11- On the following day, he arrives punctually to catch the company bus at the agreed time.

12- Already inside the bus, his inner demons eat him alive.

13- But the Decision is taken: His Son is more important than a day of work.

14- His Coworkers support him, but they also realize the risk of the Decision and show their concerns.

15- There is nothing like rectifying on time: You feel free because you know that you have done the right thing.

16- But when he arrives Home, his Son already left for the Library.

17- Chiren reacts timely, runs to the bus stop, and manages to catch it by the skin of his teeth. It’s funny: Sometimes Life gives us “coincidences“ as a present.

18- His Son does not understand what is happening, and once he realizes the situation, he worries about his Father.

19- The last thing we want is to see our Children suffer, so sometimes we have to tell them white lies in order to make them fell better.

20- What memories, the Library!!! There when days when I spent 11 hours straight studying for the Baccalauréat. I remember it as a great Sacrifice, and also as Calmness. Libraries mean Peace to me.

21- The Sensation you have when Helping your Son is indescribable. To Team up with them is the best thing ever.

22- Something attracts his attention, it seems there is a problem in the Library.

23- The lift is out of order. But Chiren, an Electrical technician, solves this in no time and hands out his business card to the Manager. Stand up for yourself, show what you can do, and do not hide. You are the one to make coincidences happen.

24- It was a perfect day, and the culmination was to share the end of the day together with his Family.

25- On the following morning, waiting for the company bus, the faces of his friends say it all…

26- The driver was instructed not to let him board the bus and to inform him about his dismissal. Chiren, devastated, sits for hours thinking about his Future.

27- But far from giving up, he reacts fast, and without losing Hope, he goes to the Library to offer his services. The way he reacted yesterday comes with a premium: After hesitating a few seconds, the Manager, aware of the lack of proper maintenance for the Library, hires him!!!!

28- Back at home, he tells the news to his Wife, just when his Son is coming back from School. That’s when his Son realizes the Sacrifice his Father made the day before

29- Some days start at dawn in a Special way.

30- It is his first day at the new job, and before leaving, Chiren enters his Son’s bedroom to give him a Kiss. The moments before a new Life are enjoyed differently, it’s a mixture between joy and nervousness.

31- ”Dad!!!!!”

32- “I can’t believe it…But what are you doing here little one!!!!? Come here my Love!! You make me the happiest person in this world”.

33- ”I brought you a letter from Mommy and myself. Please, don’t open it until your lunch break. We love you”.

34- This enables us to work in a different way…and Time flies…

35- Mealtime comes, and Chiren opens the letter…The Sensation is indescribable…He gets goosebumps…It has been a very hard week…and Emotions explode.

36- My Family First.

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