Our Happiness

It is clear that you are going to make us very Happy if you take an interest in Me&MyLife and, for sure, it will make us even more Happy if you find a piece you feel identified with and if you buy it either for your own pleasure or to Brighten someone else’s Life.

But it is going to make us just as Happy to make you Think, Reflect, Remember, Admit, Smile, Yearn, Love, Be moved to tears… in one word, FEEL.

We must give importance to the things that are truly important, but we must also be able to understand that things, which are not important to us, are important to other people.

That it should NOT be difficult for us to apologize. Feeling that one might have hurt someone somehow and expressing deep repentance is a Liberation… for both parties. But it is even better to be able to Forgive, to be able to forget, to be able to Understand that we are all born with different ‘chips’ that make us see things from points of view that are Different from ours but that are not wrong.

It is impossible to live moments of absolute Happiness if you only worry about yourself. Do your best to make others Happy, think about how you can make them even more Happy... with little Details… with Words… with Glances… with Gestures… and do not expect to receive anything in return: It is already a great Satisfaction to Feel Good when you do Good.

Your Happiness is our Happiness.