The idea


I have never liked being told what I have to do and how I have to do it; I have always been independent in my thoughts and decisions. When you are small, you have no other choice most of the times, although your inner self warns you that these orders don’t always make sense to you.

Neither do I like rules that do not make sense, that inhibit your personality… your creativity… your growth… those that take for granted things, reasons, thoughts, feelings or explanations… that have become obsolete, or that simply depend on every situation and on every person.

How are we going to be different, to create, to dream, to invent, to exceed our own expectations, to improve, if we take everything for granted because someone or some stupid rule has been saying so for decades? Always doubt everything, question everything… it’s the only way to discover if it’s right… or not.

If you have come so far, you are beginning to discover Me&Mylife, a Universe that is the fruit of many years of research followed by three years of intensive work. Yes, because life only gives you life, the rest, we have to conquer it every day and because you don’t discover in five minutes the important personal projects that truly fill us with joy and pleasure. It’s complicated to find out what you really like… or at least it took me many years to find out… perhaps because I was lost and paying more attention to others than to myself.

As I am shy by nature, I always found it difficult to act in a relaxed manner, to be completely myself. Ever since I have use of reason, I remember myself observing others… analysing them… listening to them… discovering the way they were, and adapting to them a certain part of my way of acting and speaking when they were present…for the sole purpose of not hurting their sensibilities. But what about mine? Who took mine into account?

It has its advantages to be shy and to act as I was doing: You discover human nature before the rest of the people, and understand them better than they understand you… In fact, you finally realize that most of them have complexes and insecurities worse than yours, but either they have simply accepted them and embraced them with respect, or they prefer to live with a mask to hide their fears, which they don’t want to admit, much less to overcome.

But it also has disadvantages; and the saddest part is the one that prevents you from knowing yourself and from accepting yourself as you are before confronting your relationship with others. A person is happier for accepting him/herself first, then accepting and understanding others as they are, and finally accepting the situations through which they have had to go through, always enjoying the intangible and the people who love and appreciate them.

We are unique, and this is what makes each one of us special; there is nobody like us. Nobody can copy the way we are. Feel proud of yourself and do not hide it from the world.

"Life is a labyrinth of highs and lows, and this is precisely what is nice: that we have the power to choose our own path and feel alive for the same reason."

It is very sad to copy or imitate others, their ideas, or the things others have already created. You are born an original, know yourself, know each other and find out the skill you were born with, and create your own world without taking notice of others. Remain faithful to your feelings and to the attitudes that make you and others happier.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will find your path, as we all have one to cover, and none is the same.

Me&Mylife is my idea, my concept, my creation, my illusion..: That of showing myself as I am, just as I feel on the outside and on the inside, just as I love myself and love my family and friends... Although I do not always show it…

I like to feel, and you?