Life Bracelets

Caring for Silver

Silver is one of the noble metals that is most sought after since antiquity. It was already highly appreciated by ancient Egyptians and Greeks for the making of jewels and ornaments, due to its beauty and malleability. Me&MyLife selects only Certified First-Grade Sterling Silver for its creations.

Silver has a natural tendency to turn dark when being exposed to the environment. For the purpose of giving our creations more durability, all our feelings in Silver come protected by a layer of 0.5µ Palladium and a 3µ Gold finish or a 0.2 µ Rhodium or Ruthenium finish. As the excellence level of Me&MyLife is superlative, the thickness of these metal layers is a lot superior to the standard requirements of a luxury brand.

This top layer may get a different tonality over time, especially when being exposed to agents such as makeup, perfume, creams, damp environments, salt, perspiration... This is a process that occurs naturally, as time leaves its imprint on us, and it will lend your bracelet a nice veneer that will give character and personality to your bracelet.

Caring for Ceramic

Ceramic is an extraordinarily hard material. Nevertheless, just as any luxury item, it requires special care. Although it is an extremely resistant High Tech component, we recommend protecting your Bracelet against any accidental blows that may cause either breaks to occur or sharp fragments to appear.

Combining other accessories with your Life Bracelet is not advisable, as they may rub against each other and cause unwanted scratch marks.

For its cleaning, only use a dry, soft cloth, if possible made of microfibre. The Jewelry Cleaning Cloth we are pleased to give you as a gift is ideal for cleaning it.

Caring for Cords

The threads of our Life Bracelets are elegantly braided with high tech Nylon fibres, which provides an extraordinary resistance and durability.

We recommend avoiding, whenever possible, any exposure to water, particularly sea water. If your threads need cleaning, use a gentle, biodegradable detergent, although this will depend on the kind of stain.

With the passing of time, you may notice an alteration in the color of your thread, which will occur earlier if the threads have been exposed to such agents as perspiration, perfumes, creams, sunlight, cleaning products, etc… When the time comes, you can get your thread replaced, if you wish.

The duration of your threads will depend on the conditions, the number of times you wear it and the environment it is used in. Bear in mind that Me&MyLife cannot warrant for the integrity of a bracelet if the thread is not an original or was manipulated by unqualified staff that is not at the service of our brand. For this reason, if you wish to get your thread replaced, do not hesitate to send your bracelet to our After Sales Service, together with a properly completed Intervention Form.

Once we receive your bracelet, our master craftsmen will issue a meticulous diagnosis and assessment of your bracelet. You will receive a detailed intervention estimate as soon as possible.