I Am Different

It is a sunny day in an immense plain. In the background one can see very high, impassable mountains and with their peaks capped with snow. On the Left of one of them one spots a first very intense cascade of about 30 meter high that flows into a wide and impetuous river of about 200 meter long, which in turn ends in the second cascade that rushes the water downstream about 50 meters on a bunch of rocks.

It is a sunny day on an immense plain. In the background one can see very high, impassable mountains with their peaks capped with snow. On the left side of one of peaks, an intense cascade of water of about 30 meters high flows into a wide and impetuous river, which is 200 meters long. This river flows, joining into a second cascade that rushes the water about 50 meters downstream, breaking it against a bunch of rocks.

On the other side of the river, far away in the distance, one can sense the existence of humanity in the shape of a farm, while on the right, the plain expands without limit. To the South, an endless number of steep slopes lead us towards a huge lake that is hidden in the background behind a thick haze.

In the plain there is a group of about 50 Wild horses that live happily, grazing, playing with each other and galloping with their long manes in the wind. Although they are Wild, there is an atmosphere of Tranquillity: Each Wild horse Evolves nicely and manages To be himself, no matter how others are.

Suddenly in the distance one sees a little sand cloud that approaches very slowly. Some horses, the youngest ones, have a look of surprise as they don’t know what is happening … while others, the oldest ones, start worrying, standing upright on two legs and neighing. Each time the cloud of sand comes nearer, but it is still impossible to guess what is happening … until, finally, they manage to see four dark figures that approach at full speed: They are also horses, but mounted by humans …

By now, all horses are worried, but they don’t know where to go. The current of the river is too strong for them to cross it, and also on the other side they would encounter more humans. The mountains in the North are impassable, and the slopes in the South are too steep. Their seemingly only option is to run to the East through the immense plain and try to avoid the horsemen. And this is why they all begin to gallop … except one: an impressive brown horse with white spots, tall, robust, with a long mane and a Noble expression, but Nonconformist.

When he realizes the situation he is in, he starts galloping so fast behind his companions that he manages to reach them and even get ahead of them by several dozens of meters until he stops in his tracks, turns around and stands up on his hind legs while neighing and trying to make them understand that this is Not the solution. But the herd, panic stricken, keeps galloping uncontrollably on both sides of him whilst making its frantic getaway.

When the horsemen notice the intention of the herd, they decide to split. While three of them correct their course towards the group, the fourth one increases the rhythm of his gallop even more to go in search of the Rebel horse who, far from backing down, is waiting for him in an aggressive position … until he hears a bullet being shot in the air. And it is that he decides to gallop towards the river and to jump in the direction opposite the current.

Although the flow of the river is very strong, the Wild horse does Not give up and uses all his Energy to move forward in an apparently nonsensical way: If he goes back to the Eastern shore, the horseman will be waiting for him … if he crosses to the West, he would enter territory conquered by humans … and if he allows himself to go with the flow, he will fall down the rocks at the second cascade … But his Instinct makes him Fight against the current towards the first cascade that brutally crashes down on the river. His Effort is observed from the shore by the fourth horseman with an astonished face …he does not understand what is happening …

When he reaches the steamy cascade, the force of the waterfall engulfs him. He has lost control and is unable to guess in which direction he should direct his efforts to stay afloat … until, in a moment of lucidity, he is able to perceive a relative Calm space above him… towards which he climbs … discovering behind him the steamy cascade and in front of him a dark cave into which he manages to climb. Finally, he is able to rest after his heroic effort. On the other side of the cascade, on the shore, the horseman believes he has disappeared and rides away to help his companions who have already taken control of the herd.

After catching his breath, he is absolutely sure that he will not turn back. So he decides to go into the dark cave. The more he goes forward, the darker everything becomes … until everything becomes dark … one only sees the expression in his eyes, Decided but at the same time anxious. Once more, far from giving up in spite of the insecurity he feels, he decides to continue … until, a little later, with all his might he manages to see in the distance a tiny ray of light that gives him strength to push his legs underneath the water and against the ground until he reaches the exit.

The same sunny day greets him on a small lake surrounded by an abundant vegetation, and from which a pleasant peace and quiet emanates.

As he moves forward, he finds another wonderfully green plain where another five Wild horses greet him Joyfully. They are Others who fought and also made it. They are a Minority, but their Struggle and Courage now make Sense: Freedom to Be oneself, Freedom to Keep On Feeling without any coercion.