Terms and Conditions of Use os this Website

1. Owner of this Website:

The owner of this domain and of this Website as well as of all subdomains and directories thereof (hereinafter indistinctly referred to as the ‘Web’, the ‘Website’ or the ‘Platform’) is:


Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banús

29660 Marbella - Malaga (Spain)

European VAT Number: ESB93440691

registered with the Malaga Companies House, volume 5.468, sheet 145, page MA-131.609 

Phone: [+34] 952 811 264

E-mail: info@meandmylife.com

Hereinafter ‘ME&MYLIFE’ or ‘we’.


2. Use of this Website:

Although you can access for free the ME&MYLIFE Website without any obligation to purchase, the access to this website and the later use of this website are governed by the following terms of use. However, many services provided require prior registration for the creation of a Client Account.

You access this Website under your sole responsibility, stating that you have sufficient legal capacity to bind yourself in the manner established herein.

On this Website, you can purchase the articles displayed by ME&MYLIFE in the manner established in the Terms of Purchase.

Furthermore, on this Web site, we display a multitude of contents associated with our brand and organize a variety of promotional actions in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

2.1. Language: You can access this Website in Spanish and English by selecting the language you prefer in the relevant tab of the Start Menu. We will inform you in the event that this Website becomes accessible in any other language.

It is explicitly pointed out that, In the event of disagreement, dispute or discrepancy, the legal texts in Spanish will prevail over those published in any other language.

2.2. Adequate and responsible use of this Website: You must make an adequate and responsible use of the resources that ME&MYLIFE puts at your disposal on this Website by fulfilling the obligations established herein: you must abide by moral principles, comply with public order regulations and behave in a way that is not contrary to good manners and is not against current legal standards; you must also refrain from causing any damage to ME&MYLIFE or to any third party.

It is therefore strictly forbidden: 

  • To use this Website, as well as its contents and/or services, for engaging in illicit behavior that is contrary to either good faith or public order regulations.
  • To cause damages to the physical and logical systems of ME&MYLIFE, its providers or any third parties.
  • To introduce into or spread either computer viruses in it or in any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing any kind of damage or prejudice.
  • To use crawling, screen scraping, web scraping techniques or any other programming techniques or automated means that either allow data mining or grant access to data hosted, stored or accessible on this Website, without explicit written permission from ME&MYLIFE.

2.3. User´s registration on the Website: In order to be able to enjoy most of the services provided on this Website, you must register and create a “Client Account”.

In order to create a Client Account, you must provide the following data in the Form put at your disposal for such a purpose:

Nickname or Alias, e-mail, to choose a password, name, surnames, date of birth, sex, city and country.

You may prefer to register with us through your "Social Logins" on Facebook and Instagram. In this case and once you have logged in to each of the social media for such a purpose, the social media will provide your data to us.

However, in such a case, you must ensure that the name in your profile on social media is actually your real name and fill in the rest of the data requested by us to be able to attend your queries.

Bear in mind that we automatically create your Client Account based on the e-mail that you use in social media that you have used in your Social Login and therefore, if you use different e-mails for every social media, you should register on our Website using your favorite e-mail; you will then be able to associate your social media with your profile in the control panel of your Client Account. 

Once you have done this, you will be able to log in to this Website through any of the associated social media, as all the e-mails of your social media profiles will be recognized.

In order to complete registration, you must read and, provided you agree, you must accept that your data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of this Website by ticking the boxes provided for such a purpose.

Registration in the Client Account will allow you to purchase the articles of ME&MYLIFE without having to provide your data every time.

The data that you provide to us must be accurate, complete, truthful and updated; they will be processed and treated in accordance with the regulations that are in force on the subject of personal data protection.

ME&MYLIFE reserves the right to deny any registration request, any service  provided and participation in promotional actions, in the event that a user fails to comply with such requirements.

You can request the cancellation of your Client Account at any time by sending an e-mail to unregister@meandmylife.com. Bear in mind that, in such a case, we will lose the data related to your interaction with our Website, promotional actions, etc…

2.4. Participation of the user in this Website: In the event that this Website provides resources to you for the purpose of actively taking part (such as, for example, uploading contents to United Feelings), it is strictly forbidden to spread either contents or propaganda that have an illicit nature, that are contrary to public order or safety, racist, xenophobic, that amounts to either a glorification of terrorism, a violation of human rights or an incitement to hate, harm the dignity of any person, have an insulting or slanderous nature and, in general, any content that ME&MYLIFE will consider inappropriate for the purposes of this Website.

ME&MYLIFE reserves the right to withdraw all comments and/or contents that fail to comply with the above.

 In any case, ME&MYLIFE will not be liable for the opinions expressed by the users through any resources or participation tools that may be created, except if so explicitly provided by the applicable regulations.

2.5. Intellectual property of the contents generated by the user: You are the author of the contents created by you that are protected by intellectual property rights.

However, if you decide to share some of these contents on this Website (for example in United Feelings), by accepting these Terms of Use, you are stating that you are in full possession of the rights over these contents and that you are granting ME&MYLIFE an international, royalty-free license subject to sublicensing, transferable and non-exclusive for hosting, using, distributing, modifying, publishing, copying, displaying or publicly exhibiting and transforming your contents, as well as for creating other artworks arising from these, during the legal term of validity of the protection of the rights ceded to us, for use both on this Website and in the resources available on the Internet, such as social media, landing pages and promotional leaflets or any advertising action.

In order to be entitled to publish your contents on this Website, you must be legally legitimized for such a purpose. For this reason, you must abstain from publishing any contents for which:

  • You do not have any intellectual property rights or rights of any other nature for the reproduction, distribution, public communication, including the modality of putting at the disposal or transformation thereof.
  • You do not have the required authorizations or permissions from the natural persons who, where appropriate, appear in these contents, for the purpose of not infringing the right to personal data protection, as well as neither launching attacks upon anyone’s honor nor illegitimately interfering with personal and family-related or personal aspects of anyone’s right to privacy nor infringing on the right to anyone’s own image. 

As user of the ME&MYLIFE Platform, you have the obligation to get the authorizations, permissions or licenses that, where appropriate, prove necessary for either inserting or publishing any contents on the ME&MYLIFE platform. You also explicitly state that, by the mere fact that you are publishing these contents, you already have the authorizations, permissions and/or licenses to do so and that you will assume any kind of liability for doing so.

2.6.  Reporting either inadequate use of contents or inappropriate activities: Any illicit or inadequate use of the contents inserted on this Website can be reported to us by sending an e-mail to customer.service@meandmylife.com indicating in the subject matter: "INADEQUATE USE OF CONTENTS”. We will analyse the contents purported to be either inadequate or illegal and will act accordingly. 

2.7. Local Time in Spain: Anything in these Terms of Use mentioning a specific time refers to local time (UTC) in Spain.


3. Liability: 

ME&MYLIFE is unable to warrant that any interruptions or errors will not occur when you access this Website. However, we are firmly committed to take all steps for either reconnecting or fixing any incident as soon as we become aware of it, unless the incident is due to circumstances beyond the control of ME&MYLIFE that make it either difficult or impossible to resolve the incident. 


4. Intellectual property of the contents of this Website:

A great variety of features and/or contents are published on this Website: designs (combinations of color, structure and design), drawings, images, audiovisual content, texts, software and/or applications that are necessary for this Website to operate, be accessed and used, etc… (Hereinafter THE CONTENTS).

ME&MYLIFE owns the exclusive rights to exploit ALL CONTENTS, whereby the reproduction, distribution, public communication - including the putting of contents at the disposal- and the transformation, in any support and through any technical means, of the CONTENTS are explicitly forbidden, without prior explicit written permission from ME&MYLIFE. 


5. Industrial property of the ME&MYLIFE brand: 

ME&MYLIFE is the legitimate owner of the ME&MYLIFE brand that is registered in different territories regarding different articles and services thereof.


6. Linking Policy:

6.1. Links from other Websites: If you wish to access any of the web pages of ME&MYLIFE from the web page of another Internet portal, you will have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Neither the full or partial reproduction of any of the services or contents of this Website, nor the establishment of deep-links, nor any IMG linking or image link, nor frames with the website of ME&MYLIFE are allowed, without prior explicit written permission from ME&MYLIFE.
  • No user is allowed to make any false, inaccurate or incorrect statement neither on the website of ME&MYLIFE nor in the services or contents thereof. Except those signs that form part of the link, the website in which it is established may not contain any brand, trade name, shop sign, business name, logo, slogan or any other distinctive signs that belong to ME&MYLIFE, except with explicit authorization from ME&MYLIFE.
  • The establishment of the link will not imply the existence of any relation between ME&MYLIFE and the owner of the other website or of the other web portal from which the link is established and it will not imply that ME&MYLIFE is aware of and accepts the services and contents displayed on such other web page or portal.
  • ME&MYLIFE can neither be held liable for the contents or services put at the disposal of the general public on the other web page or web portal from which the hyperlink is established nor for the data and statements included in the other web page or portal.

6.2. Links to other websites: The ME&MYLIFE website may put at the disposal of the user  a series of links to other websites that are managed and controlled by third parties, solely and exclusively for the purpose of providing the user with an easier access when searching for data, contents and services on the Internet; under no circumstances the user may consider that ME&MYLIFE either markets, manages and/or controls in advance or makes the contents, services, data and statements available on those other websites unrelated to our brand its own.

ME&MYLIFE assumes no liability, not even in an indirect or subsidiary manner, for the contents, information, messages, opinions or services accessed from other websites unrelated to our brand that are not managed by ME&MYLIFE and that are accessible on the Internet. Furthermore, ME&MYLIFE does not warrant for any lack of virus or other elements contained in these other websites unrelated to our brand that may cause alterations to the computer system (hardware and software), the documents or the files of the user; any liability for damages of all kinds that may be caused to the user for this reason will therefore be excluded.


7. Breach of the rules. Right of Exclusion: 

Any failure to comply with these Terms of Use as well as any inappropriate use of this Website may be prosecuted; ME&MYLIFE will take any legal actions it may be entitled to for defending its legitimate interests. ME&MYLIFE reserves the right to either deny or withdraw access to this Website - without any obligation to serve any advance notice thereof - at its own request or at the request of a third party, in the event that any user fails to comply with these Terms of Use.