Who we are

Pepe de la Fuente

CEO & Creative Director

The Team

Ismael Tejero Hidalgo - Creative 3D Director

What does "Me&MyLife” mean for me? 

The answer is easy; when I lost my job and decided to redirect my career, I chose to devote myself to 3D Sculpture and Design during 3 tough years of study. All of this, without the support of most of my Family.

At Me&MyLife I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and knowhow in addition to acquiring new skills for my professional future. 

"What is exciting for you is not tiring, but this does not mean that the road is not tough.”

ismael tejero

Daniel Pérez - Jewellery & Fashion Director

When seeing your own reflection in a mirror, have you ever have stared into your own eyes and during a few seconds had the feeling you were watching a stranger? 

Me&MyLife has taught me that this stranger standing in front of the mirror is the real Me, my essence, free of complexes and prejudice, self-assured and capable of doing anything, if I put my mind to it. 

daniel perez

Olga Shestakova - Management Department Director

Do thoughts and wishes ever come true? YES!!

One day as I was leafing through a local fashion and entertainment magazine, I noticed an advertisement for a Jewelry brand located in Puerto Banús. The photos had so much glamour, elegance and luxury that they left me fascinated. I thought that it would be an honor to work for that company.
Two weeks later I had an interview for a personal assistant position. 

And just imagine my surprise when that same company, which advertisements I admired so much, offered me a job in a new and fantastic Jewelry project!
I accepted blindly! I joined the team of Me&MyLife in 2014 and I am very proud of it. 


Thank you!!!


Daniel Tejero - Production & Logistic Manager

In spite of the variety of jobs that I have performed during my life, Me&MyLife offered me the opportunity to show my capabilities.

In spite of the fact that I had been with the company for a short time, I was entrusted with setting up a team and a department, which thanks to all the overcome obstacles have made us grow as a team and as persons, giving us the possibility of fulfilling our goals in life. 

“A warrior does not renounce what he loves, but finds love in what he does."


Joel - Artisan

Thanks to having this opportunity to belong to the MML team, I learn new things every day and this helps me get a little closer to my goals. 


"Team meeting is the beginning. 

Keep being a team means progressing.

Working as a team ensures success.”

pepe de la fuente

Sofia Shurer

Me&Mylife = Stroke of luck

I joined this team in 2015 and almost inmediately felt as if I had a stroke of luck after having a negative experience in the past. The world of jewellery is beautiful and interesting in all its aspects. Our staff is formed by a group of higly intelligent, creative, motivated, beautiful and cheerful people.
I am definitely happy to be part of Me&Mylife team.


“Whatever happens, happens for the best”



María - Artisan

With Me&MyLife I have learned that, in spite of the inconveniences and obstacles that you may have to face, it is necessary to work and fight as a team, striving every day to achieve progress and be successful in your life project.


“Never dream about success. WORK FOR IT.” 

pepe de la fuente

Aline - Customer Service Representative

Newly arrived here, my journey of self-discovery took me away from home. In Me&MyLife I feel I am in the right place, at the right time and with the right people. 

The pursuit of what makes our hearts happy is not always easy, but it has been rewarding.

I am very happy to be part of this team and this project that takes so much Soul and Positivity.