Who we are

We are an innovative company that has developed a technology to create an original concept: Showing feelings through microsculptures.


MeAndMyLife was founded in 2014 in Marbella, Spain, by Pepe de la Fuente, a entrepeneur with more than 20 years of experience in the Fine Jewelry sector.


After several years of intensive work, research, tests and with the help of highly qualified craftsmen, we have been able to achieve a definition in the fabrication finishes that turns the microsculptures into real works of art representing the way we feel at certain times in life.

We have also been able to use materials that are already known, such as zirconia ceramics, but with the extremely complex added factor of cutting all of their angles by hand, as if it was a diamond, so that their different triangular facets can brighten up every move you make.


Our 3 price ranges make the concept universal as well as unisex, but always remaining casual: Wearing jewelry today should not be reduced to and depend on special occasions, but it should bring us an immediate satisfaction, natural and free. This is what we had in mind when creating all our collections at Me&MyLife.


Your freedom to be who you are is our satisfaction.


Your freedom to spark off emotions will be your satisfaction.


Impressions and memories that will be always be preserved with respect and appreciation.

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Pepe de la Fuente |

CEO & Creative Director

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