An Angel

Life isn’t easy.
Especially not for a 11 year old girl with a genetic disorder. The lonely little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina. In the end not all dreams become real but when she meets her angel – Angelina from her ballet class – her whole life turns around. She makes her happy, she accepts her the way she is and they form many amazing memories together.
They stick together for many years and go all the way to m…..
(read to find out)

Life is never easy. It‘s not the way it‘s meant to be.
We all struggle with something, we all have bad times in our time that we have to push through. But when we do it makes us stronger and we appreciate the happy moments more. Today is my 21st birthday. A day I would have never thought I would be able to experience. I was only 2 years old when I was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder. It makes me different from everyone else. I look different. My limbs are very short, so is my body and my face is shaped differently. Growing up I was always an outsider. Who would want to talk to this strange looking kid? Right, no one. Well it didn‘t help that I missed so much school time due to hospital stays. There is so much more I could tell you about my health or lack thereof. But you know what, those surgeries, hospital visits and countless medicines are not what I came here to tell you about.

When I was 11 years old my mom bought me the most beautiful dress ever. I was incredible happy. It made me feel beautiful and therefore happy. I would wear it every single day, I rarely ever took it off.
I dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Due to my limbs being disproportional I had enough difficultes simply walking but a girl can dream, right?For my 12th birthday my parents took me to a ballet recital. I was completly in awe watching them. All I wanted was to try it at least once so my mom talked to the ballet teacher. If I wanted to I could come back for a lesson next week! I was absolutely pumped. I was completly aware that the only reason I was allowed to without any experience in the middle of the year with the pros was that I suffer from this disorder but it couldn‘t limit my joy.

The day of the ballet lesson was one of the best ones in my life. I was allowed to join a class with other 12 year olds, they were amazing ballerinas. It was so fun to try along them, wear a fancy dress and feel like a real ballerina. The best thing though was meeting one certain girl. Her name is Angelina. Even as a 12 year old she reminded me of an angel. Blonde, curly hair, a flashing smile and so much grace, especially when dancing. She was the first ever same aged kid that seemed genuinly interested to learn more about me. To talk to me, get to know me and not belittle me. We talked for a little bit during the breaks. When my mom came to pick me up one of the best things ever (for me) happened. She asked my mom if she could have a playdate with me! I know it is normal for other kids, but never ever happened to me! Two weeks later she came over to my house. She did not ask a single question about my genetics. It didn‘ matter to her. I am sure she noticed that I was a little bit different than other kids but she never made me feel like it.

A few years later, when I was 16 years old I came to watch her ballet recital like every year. We have been best friends for 4 years now. My health wasn‘t that great, but she would visit me in the hospital or at my house, whereever I was. Sometimes we were also able to do some small trips. Those are along my best memories.
This night I was allowed to have my first ever sleepover. My mom was very hestitant with allowing me to stay at someone elses place but she let me. The strangest thing happened that night. Angelina and I had pizza, watched a movie together and then lied down in her room and … kissed. I had obviously never kissed anyone, never been in a relationsship. But it felt good – it felt right. I heard other teenagers talk about their crushes, their relationsships , their kisses and even sexual experiences. It was not something I expected to ever happen to me. It kept me awake all night long. I replayed the whole thing in my head all night long. Talking, laughing, sharing a serious conversation (the first one about my disorder we ever had) and then slowly leaning in. I didn‘t realise what we were doing but it felt so good.
I thought back to my first (and sadly only) ballet lesson. Her gorgeus eyes, her intaking smile, how she would always visit me in the hospital until the nurses asked her to leave, she would always bring me something special along. Maybe I have been in love with her all the time.
Now I am 21, have the best girlfriend any one could ask for. She truly is an angel.She is the main reason that I do not only consider myself a survivor but a happy person. The doctors did not expect me to live past 15.
I would have expected my life to always be lonely with no joy but I am glad both predictions are wrong. I don‘t know what the future holds but I am incredible they were.
In a few days my angel and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary. I am planning to propose to her.

„Angel, will you marry me?“
„Of course I do, love“

It might be a little miracle but the beautiful dress still fits me and I wore it that day. This dress is the start of all the good things happening to me. It‘s magic.

I am so proud of my girlfriend. She is the kindest, sweetest person anyone has ever met. She survived what no one expected her too. Her life was never easy, yet she turned out to be such a perfect human being – Angelina, 21