Into glorifying life

Facts and perception on our blood

Life and death means the struggle of the surviving arteries and veins rituals glorifying the human victory to stay alive in the beauty of daylight into darkness.

The blood gives us life to function the heart and all its parts of our body. Blood stream transports oxygen to nutrients for our entire internal system to keep on working.

We shed tears, sweats and blood means not of our downfall but an experience to stand stronger with the accomplishments of our hard work. We uses strength to give energy a power our body needs to keep the efforts moving for a new greater success.

With our human blood heat, determination and perseverance, we can achieve the ultimate vision of life. it focus on all the fascinating experiences to live a longer existence. Life facade is design with original decisive ideas for the everyday encounter. It reach the peak of happiness when it has explored its grandeur, beauty and surpass nature for humane progress. You live more lively in the real world with the emergence of your lifeline.

Let us ride in the time of our lives.
While we have the free will to choose.
Let us make our heart the lifeblood of our own desires and aspirations in life.

Meanwhile, the life’s first direct bloodlines connects our father, mother and siblings. The relatives comes next then our grandfather and mother to our great grandparents. There’s always an origin history of our family. We share blood as a symbol of our kindness, support, and loyalty to one another. It’s a celebration of selfless love, peace, respect and harmony the moment we reunite with our families.

For us individual, the absolute supreme beauty and power pertains the sacredness. It measures more than the physical appearance. It shows deeper than the wit, prowess and character. It is the spiritual soul hidden behind our bloody hearts that reflects in all the good deeds, responsible habit and curious explore for the global people be highly influence to live in greater respect, mutual and giving. The greatness leads to a celebration of history and triumphs for a glossier life to God in the highest.

The greatest character showcase our exceptional attitude being in our unique self. We make life a rewarding experience.
Do things that our blood attracts to make realities come alive.

On the other hand, the fight for life makes us positive to think of ways not just to survive for our own intentions. It leads to revive the hopes and dreams of other people in sharing our blood to save lives.

We can stay healthy when it comes to fighting against disease by eating fresh vegetables, exercise daily, reduce stress and get plenty of sleep. We can avoid it by watching our blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level check up.

With virus runs in the blood like HIV/AIDS, we can prevent the widespread through safe sex using contraceptives, honestly ask your partner if a carrier or not, consider pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or proper in taking of medication drugs, and the use of clean needle.

Lastly, as the time refreshes for a new wonderful year, life has move on for our new plans and goals to fulfill ourselves. There’s so much to feel great in the power of our human flesh and blood to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

This life journey keeps moving forward. It travels farther at our convenience. But we can still save our best memories for eternity. Let’s make things better with our daily life either in public, our secret shadows and or personal privacy.

Remember, the greatest writing compose of words translating our beautiful optimistic thoughts that our heart dictates through our veins and blood with what we feel based on true experience making it a lifetime story.