Every Emotion turns into a state of mind that governs your Life. Some Feelings define you, others are only transitions that make you Mature, Learn and Live. Many are understood in different ways by different people, cultures and ethnicities.

Me&MyLife is a tribute to your Emotions, your Feelings and your way of Living them. Every product has a great story behind it that will help you make them yours.

What Feeling do you identify with? With what image? With what character of Me&MyLife?

Which picture do you identify with?

A picture is worth a thousand words. It helps us visualize Sensations and Emotions. We suggest you play a game: you choose an image you feel represented by and we will show you the Characters and Products of Me&MyLife that best define who you are.

Are you a Lion? A Polar Bear? A Free-roaming Wild Horse?... Discover it!