Welcome to Me&MyLife

“Me” is you, and “MyLife” is your life:

A Labyrinth filled with decisions that make us Be and Feel the way we Truthfully Are.

A new Concept, a Luxury Brand, Unique, Modern, Fresh, Daring, Free, Universal and for All, that will allow you to choose your lifestyle, the image of what you are and the dream of what you would like to be.

A Collection that you are going to feel Proud of, for buying it, for giving it as a gift, for wearing it, because others wear it, and for the Admiration for the Feeling that it conveys.

A New concept:

Because it transmits Emotions, Feelings, Wishes and Attitudes that are a part of us and our loved ones.

A Luxury Brand:

Because its pieces are created Delicately, with Respect and Admiration for what they represent.


Because we all Feel in a Different way, and We Evolve constantly, at different Rhythms and in disparate Directions.


Because the latest Technologies are used to Design and manufacture it.


Because it is Ever-changing, Casual, Colorful and because it Liberates our inner world provoking Happiness and Tranquillity.


Because there is nothing that Seduces more than to be who you are.


Because nobody can Define us better than Ourselves, and because what We Are is Ours.


Because every Human being laughs and cries, loves and is loved, waits and is awaited.

and for All:

Because Feelings and Dreams are the same, regardless the gender.